Everyone at WALK ANOTHER WAY cares deeply about the health and well-being of your feet. It is for this reason that CEO, Eleanor Leinen, chose Drew Shoes as the official provider of our footwear.

You may already know that Drew Shoes are highly recommended for anyone who may have the following conditions: Ankle Valgus, Ankle Varus, Arthritis, Bunions, Diabetes, Hammertoes, Metatarsalgia, Pes Cavus, Pes Planus, Plantar Fasciitis and back problems. In addition, our shoes are also the best footwear for those who stand on their feet for long periods.

In case you are unfamiliar with the Drew brand, here are the reasons why we believe Drew Shoes creates superior  therapeutic footwear that surpasses many of its’ competitors  in both design and construction.   

A - ADDED DEPTH IN TOE BOX AND FOREFOOT allows extra toe room and provides adequate space for use of orthotics.

B PADDED TONGUE minimizes lacing pressure over the instep.

CFOAM CUSHIONED COLLAR prevents heel slippage for a snug and friction-free fit.

DEXTENDED MEDIAL HEEL STABILIZER provides rear foot walking stability and minimizes slippage.

E REMOVABLE, DUAL-DENSITY INSOLE with Drillex cover wicks moisture away from the foot to keep it healthy and dry. The insole permanently forms to the foot, where the molded bottom provides additional cushioning.

FSTEEL SHANK adds support and stability with excellent arch support.

G WIDE SHANK, LIGHTWEIGHT OUTSOLE provides a ball-of-foot base for stability and great fit, and a mild "Rocker Bottom" to move the foot forward during walking.


One very important suggestion – in order to assure the right fit; please take the time to have your feet measured with a Brannock Device and preferably in the afternoon.